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What Makes Grand Oak Academy Different

How are we different?

Interventions that increase learning

At Grand Oak Academy in Houston, we believe that every student is a unique individual that wants to learn. Using science grounded in clinical evidence and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we provide interventions that increase learning, develop skill sets and enhance social behaviors all in one environment.


Full Academic Curriculum

Grand Oak Academy is a behavioral learning center that offers a full academic curriculum while incorporating Applied Behavior Analysis to our students designed to advance them both intellectually and developmentally.

The ABA Format

Research Based Behavior Modification

Applied Behavior Analysis incorporates key principles of learning to modify behavior based on our assessment of each child’s needs. The methodologies used in our classroom are research-based and focus on pragmatic and effective behavior modification designed with our special education population in mind.

Paced Learning Environment

Student-Centered Learning

At Grand Oak Academy in Houston, we don’t subscribe to the one-size-fits-all learning module. Our students work through the essential core modalities at their own individualized pace. The Grand Oak instructors do not accept the “teaching to the middle” standard you see at other schools.

Fewer Transitions

Fewer Disruptions

Our unique student body requires a special type of learning environment. At Grand Oak Academy, we strive to reduce disruptions with fewer transitions. In a public school system, special education students experience twice as many transitions throughout the day as their peers to accommodate their distinctive needs. They see speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists along with their alternative academics schedules and general education requirements.

One Classroom

At Grand Oak, we provide our students the standard curriculum along with the specialized instruction and ABA therapy all in one classroom. There is no shifting from place to place experienced in traditional schools.

No Standardized Testing

Better Mastery Criteria

The assessments experienced by Grand Oak Academy students are anything but standardized. We use Applied Behavior Analysis data collection systems to monitor students’ progress through our Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills based curriculum. This process provides for more accurate and rigorous data collection and mastery criteria than typical school systems.

Monthly Report Cards

Our students get a monthly report cards that reflects their progress so parents and caretakers see their development first hand. Grand Oak Academy also utilizes personalized, adaptive online assessments through The Adaptive Diagnostic Assessment of Math (ADAM K-7) and the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA) provide Grand Oak Academy teachers a formative method of tracking student progress.

Behavior Intervention Plans

Comprehensive Support

Our goal is to provide an effective learning environment while managing behavior at the same time. Our credentialed behavior analysts work with each student to ensure they reap the benefits of our unique education model. All our Grand Oak Academy instructors are certified and able to properly implement the behavior intervention plans provided for each individual. In addition, there are private ABA sessions with a skilled therapist available throughout the day. We provide parents with ABA training, as well, to reinforce these interventions.

Student Centered Growth

The Grand Oak Academy in Houston is not your typical school because our special needs students deserve more than typical. Through academic study and Applied Behavior Analysis, we ensure they learn and grow in a way that best suits their needs.