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Special Needs School

Grand Oak Academy is dedicated to helping your child learn and grow in ways best suited for them

The Right Choice for Your Child With Autism and Related Disorders

Grand Oak Academy provides students a chance to learn in a traditional classroom environment. Our school uses Applied Behavior Analysis principles to ensure that children with autism, speech delays or other types of developmental disabilities can receive a quality education at a comfortable pace.

At Grand Oak Academy, we understand that finding the right environment for your young student can be challenging. We work with the State of Texas and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board as well as major insurance providers to ensure we are the right choice for any child with autism and related disorders. Find more information on the benefits of attending Grand Oak Academy here.


What to Expect from Grand Oak Academy

We focus our teaching on covering the same skill sets required in a traditional classroom. However, we customize our ABA curriculum to work for IDD, intellectual and developmental disabilities. The ABA structure is proven to work in many learning scenarios such as autism, speech delays and Asperger’s. Students get the same benefits as a traditional learning environment, but with the added advantage of ABA.

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